In-situ penetration tests have been widely used in geotechnical and foundation engineering for site investigation in support of analysis and design. The standard penetration test (SPT) and the cone penetration test (CPT) are two typical in-situ penetration tests. The dynamic cone penetration test shows features of both the CPT and the SPT. The DCPT is similar to the SPT in test. It is performed by dropping a hammer from a certain fall height and measuring a penetration depth per blow for
each tested depth. The shape of the dynamic cone is similar to that of the penetrometer used in the CPT.

 Test results are used to describe stiffness, estimate field strength CBR from an appropriate correlation chart.

GOSCO has well trained geotechnical engineers with many years of experience in the field of construction survey (especially experienced in the survey work for power projects including thermal electricity, wind power, hydropower, solar power…), combined with standard equipment, we ensure to provide high reliability services of DCPT, meeting urgent projects with competitive costs.

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