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The displacement mornitoring work usually includes settlement monitoring, inclination monitoring and horizontal displacement monitoring, in which: ...

Displacement monitoring

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• Settlement monitoring should be conducted regularly until stability of settlement is obtained (the settlement speed of the building is 1-2 mm/year). At the same time, the measurement of the work settlement can also be stopped if the cyclic settlement of the measuring points fluctuates within the permitted accuracy limit. In the event that the building shows signs of sudden displacement (subsidence, cracks, inclination, slip), it is necessary to organize measurements in time, to determine the displacement parameters, find the cause and extent of danger, and give recommendations and necessary solutions.

• Displacement monitoring is the use of an electronic total station to measure defined points on the project by the method of flat coordinates and elevation (xyz). The determination of the inclination of the building is done by comparing the measured value of the first cycle with the current cycle, the difference in the coordinate increments is the building inclination. Settlement and displacement measurement work of houses and structures is carried out during construction and usage until stability of settlement and displacement is achieved. The measurement of displacement during the use of the building is also carried out when it is detected that the building appears large cracks or there is a sharp change in the working conditions of the house and the building.

GOSCO has well trained topographical engineers with many years of experience in the field of construction consultancy, construction survey, especially experienced in the survey work for power projects including thermal electricity, wind power, hydropower, solar power, combined with modern equipment such as UAV, two-frequency GSP (RTK), total station equipment, automatic electronic levelling equipment, we ensure to provide high reliability settlement and inclination mornitoring services, meeting urgent projects with competitive costs.