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Topographic survey is a research activity to assess the natural surface conditions on the ground at the expected area for planning, designing, volume excavation calculation and embankment work.

Topographical mapping

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Topographical mapping is to determine the relative positions of measured objects (topographical characteristics, terrain, architectural works) on the field and then use the map symbols to represent them on the plane according to a certain ratio.

When measuring and drawing the topography, it is necessary to base on the national control landmarks, thereby settup the project control network to serve the detailed measurement of the terrain.

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At present, topographic work can be done by the following common methods:

Each drawing method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on topographical conditions, study areas, it can be applied one or more suitable measuring methods.
GOSCO has well trained topographical engineers with many years of experience in the field of construction consultancy, construction survey especially experienced in the survey work for power projects including thermal electricity, wind power, hydropower, solar power, combined with modern equipment such as single-beam echo sounder, two-frequency GSP (RTK), total station equipment, electronic levelling equipment, we ensure to provide high reliability of topographical mapping, bathymetry services, meeting urgent projects with competitive costs.