Golden Sea Surveying Technology Co., Ltd (GOSCO) is a private company specializing in surveying (onshore and offshore), data processing and preparing site survey reports, including topographical survey, geological survey, engineering geology survey and hydro-meteorological survey, flood study calculation. We are particularly experienced in surveying for power projects such as wind farm, solar power, hydropower, thermal power, transmission lines and substations.

The company was established in 2017 with key engineers and masters who are experienced engineers and have held the chief of survey position at leading consultancy companies in Vietnam. Our engineering team is highly trained both domestic and abroad in the field of surveying and civil engineering. Some members have worked in many countries in Asia such as Lao PDR, Pakistan and Thailand.

GOSCO has a comprehensive capability for consulting, planning, and conducting site survey including onshore and offshore. We have high quality human resources, most of us are proficient in English for work. We performed successfully site investigation for many offshore projects such as Nexif Energy Wind Power Plant, Hoa Binh 1 Wind Power Plant, Wind Power Plant No. 7 Ba Tri, Japan-Bac Lieu Wind Power Plant. For onshore, we also carried out successfully site survey for many wind power projects such as HBRE Gia Lai Wind Power Plant, HBRE Phu Yen, Tan Long 1, Tan Long 2 Wind Power Plant. For solar power projects, we performed successfully site investigation for the largest solar power project in Vietnam (until June 2019) – Dau Tieng solar power plant cluster and a lot of solar power projects, transmission grids as well as substations.

The special feature is that all the projects we carried out have always ensured the quality and met the rigorous requirements of the progress of domestic and foreign clients. Therefore, we are confident to support you getting the most effective and appropriate solution for your projects.