Solar farm site investigation

For solar power projects, the survey work is very important because this work will provide input data for design engineers. Accurate and reliable survey data will help design engineers get a reasonable layout solution, accurately calculate structural parameters to ensure stability and efficiency of the project. Having reliable data also helps to make the estimation accurately, ensure the capital allocation plan as well as the plan of construction progress close to the actual construction.

Golden Sea Survey Technology Co., Ltd. (GOSCO) has teams of topographic, engineering geology, hydro-meteorological engineers, construction engineers and drilling workers with more than 10 years of experience in the field of site survey especially for power projects such as hydropower, wind power and solar power. Along with skilled personnel, we also equip modern equipment for survey work such as GPS 2 frequency (RTK); electronic total station; echo sounding apparatus; drilling machine XY-1A, portable drilling machine; Jackup drilling rig for offshore drilling; Field Vane device (FVT); CPT device; SPT equipment; Static load equipment; thin wall tube …, we ensure to meet the quality and urgent progress of the project.

With skilled human resources and modern machinery and equipment, we have carried out survey for many solar power projects including Dau Tieng 1, Dau Tieng 2 & Dau Tieng 3; HCG & HTC project; KN Cam Lam and Cam Lam VN; Hacom Solar project, Nhi Ha project; Phong Phu project; Song Luy 1; BIM 1 …. All projects implemented by GOSCO meet strict requirements on quality and progress of customers, contributing to the overall success of the project. We are always highly appreciated by customers for the quality and progress as well as the enthusiastic and effective support for customers.

GOSCO is committed to providing customers with outstanding quality at competitive costs. We will always accompany and support customers effectively throughout the project implementation process.