Wind farm site investigation (off)

For construction projects in general and especially offshore wind power projects, the site survey is a very important activity because this work provides input data for design engineers. Accurate and reliable survey data will help design engineers get a reasonable construction solution, accurately calculate structural parameters to ensure the stability of the project. Having reliable data also helps to make the estimation accurately, ensure the capital allocation plan as well as the plan of construction progress.

For wind power projects on the sea, the site survey is really a challenge, especially in unfavourable weather conditions such as big waves, rainy or high of tidal level. Therefore, it requires the skill of engineers as well as survey workers, and well equipped with modern survey equipment, in order to meet the high requirements of the quality and progress of the project.

Golden Sea Survey Engineering Co., Ltd. (GOSCO) has teams of topographic engineers, geotechnic engineers, hydro-meteorological engineers, civil engineers and drilling workers with more than 10 years of experience in the survey field, especially for power projects such as power transmission line, substation, hydropower, wind power and solar power. Along with skilled personnel, we also equip modern equipment for survey work such as GPS 2 frequency (RTK); electronic total station; echo sounding apparatus; XY-1A drilling rig, Jackup drilling flatforms for offshore drilling and offshore CPT; Field Vane equipment (FVT); CPT equipment; SPT equipment; static load equipment; thin wall tube …

With capable and experienced human resources and modern machinery and equipment, we have conducted surveys for many wind power projects both onshore and offshore, including onshore projects such as HBRE Chu Prong (Gia Lai province), HBRE An Tho (Phu Yen province), and offshore projects such as Nexif Energy Ben Tre Wind Power Plant, Wind Power Plant No. 7, Ba Tri, Ben Tre; Hoa Binh 1 wind power project (Bac Lieu province) …. All projects implemented by GOSCO meet strict requirements on quality and progress of customers, contributing to the overall success of the project. We are always highly appreciated by customers for the quality and progress as well as the enthusiastic and effective support for customers.

GOSCO is committed to provide customers with outstanding quality at competitive costs. We always accompany and support customers effectively throughout the implementation process of project.