Drilling service (off)

Geological drilling is an activity that helps geotechnical engineers and civil engineers to gain an intuitive understanding of the soil characteristics of the study area. Drilling can be performed under different conditions such as onshore drilling, plains, marshland, mountains and even ofshore. Depending on geological conditions and construction purposes, the drilling process or the depth of drilling holes will also change.

The geological drilling for marine designing works is a challenge for engineers and survey workers, especially when it must be implemented in unfavourable weather conditions such as big waves and high speed of wind, or thunderstorms. When drilling on the sea, it will be very difficult if using buoys or boats or barges as floating unit for drilling due to instability and it is strongly impacted by wind, waves, ocean currents and tides.

GOSCO equips “jackup” drilling rigs for offshore drilling. The jackup flatform is highly flexible, less affected by weather conditions such as wind, waves, currents or tides. This stability will help drilling quality assurance and also meet the urgent requirements of the progress of the project.